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Feeder Measurement & Control
Accura 2750LC
Accura 2750LC
LOP Controller
Accura 2750LC
LOP Controller
Deals with Management Need for Power Consumption of Motor and Improves MCC Space Efficiency
IEC 61557-12 Class 0.5 Accurate Measurement
Blocks the Spread of Accident by Ground Current through Accurate Measurement of Ground Current
Provides Two Type Modules(Protection Module/Protection&Control Module) to Select corresponding to Purpose
Diversification of Current Rating of Motor-Unit Protection[Control] Module for MCC Space Efficiency and Accurate Measurement
Provides Convenience for Maintenance
HMI Display Supporting Device Redundancy
Provides Outstanding Field Analysis Function through Incoming-Unit Integrated HMI Display that Has Color Touch TFT LCD
LOP Controller and Gateway for Smart LOP[Local Operating Panel] with Communication
Supports Communication Redundancy Improving Communication Reliability between Devices
Supports Device Redundancy for the Field that Requires High Reliabi
Provides "Setup Manager" for All Settings and Commissioning via Communication
Control Logic Editor Provides Control Flexibility
Motor control function in LOP field
Support for communication redundancy: Ring connection
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Accura 2700/2750
Accura 2750LC LOP Controller
Accura 2750LC is LOP digital controller that substitutes totally existing LOP[Local Operating Panel] that consists of push button, lamp, selection switch, current meter etc. Accura 2750LC performs the motor control command at LOP and displays the state and measurement of the motor-unit by RS-485 communication with Accura 2700M through Accura 2750LCG.
At the existing LOP, motor control command by pressing RUN/STOP button of LOP is transmitted to Accura 2750PC by the signal line that connects the contact point of push button to the digital input of the corresponding Accura 2750PC. However at Accura 2750LC, motor control command by pressing RUN/STOP button is transmitted to Accura 2700M via Accura 2750LCG by RS-485 communication, and Accura 2700M performs RUN/STOP command by transmitting the command to the corresponding Accura 2750PC of motor-unit through RS-485 communication. This communication method provides a strong point that a lot of signal lines that connect from MCC to LOP at the existing system can be substituted with one communication cable, and disconnection and short circuit status of the cable can be immediately noticed. Accura 2750LCG supports communication redundancy through ring connection of RS-485 communication u sing two Accura 2750LC communication ports.
Communication Structure with Accura 2750LCG(RS-485 Communication)
Accura 2750LCG performs gateway function between Accura 2700M and Accura 2750LC
LOP command of corresponding motor-unit is transmitted to Accura 2750PC through Accura 2750LCG and Accura 2700M
The current/power data of corresponding motor-unit and motor operating state is transmitted from Accura 2750PC to Accura 2750LC through Accura 2700M and Accura 2750LCG
RS-485 based internal dedicated protocol 2 ports[LC_A, LC_B]
2 ports: ring connection Communication redundancy
Connector type RJ45 connector
Communication cable Ethernet cable Cat 5e FTP, STP, SFTP
Communication cable total length Maximum 800m for each group
Communication cable power supply 24V DC supplied from Accura 2750LCG
Number of Accura 2750LC connected Maximum 20 for each group[ring connection]
Control Function of Motor
Performs transmission of motor start/stop control command and monitoring of the operating state of the motor at the field
Option Module: POW module
Structure that the module is added at the rear of Accura 2750LC.
POW module
Rating voltage(Us) 110 ­ 240V AC 50/60Hz, 110 ­ 300V DC
Operating voltage range 0.8 x Us ­ 1.1 x Us
Rating output voltage/power 24V DC / 20W
Control Power
Control power of Accura 2750LC is basically provided through communication cable from Accura 2750LCG
Basic power supply by communication cable Accura 2750LCG: 24V DC[Ability to supply 10 units of Accura 2750LC for each network group]
Additional power supply by POW module Accura 2750LC POW module: 24V DC[Ability to supply 10 units of Accura 2750LC]