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Digital Power Quality Meter
Accura 3700
Accura 3700
High Accuracy Digital Power Quality Meter
Accura 3700
High Accuracy Digital Power Quality Meter
Realtime Power Management in Switchgear Panel
0.2% Reading/IEC62053-22 Class 0.5S Accuracy
True RMS Measuring
Dip[Sag]/Swell[IEC61000-4-30 Class B], Power Quality
Maximum/Minimum/Average within Aggregation Interval
CE/UL Safety and Reliability
Voltage/current ±0.2% Reading
Three phase measurement, demand
THD, TDD, maximum/minimum
Dip[Sag]/swell event
Ethernet 2 ports[Ethernet switching]
RS485 1 port
Mounting[ANSI 4", DIN96]
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Item Description
Display Realtime measurement
Sampling/cycle 128
Commercial frequency 50/60Hz
True RMS measurement
Voltage, current, power, power factor
Frequency 42 - 69Hz
Neutral current[In]2
Demand, peak demand, predicted demand1,2
Maximum, minimum
Maximum2, minimum2, average2, within aggregation interval 3
4 Quadrant energ
kWh/kVarh received, kWh/kVarh delivered IEC62053-22 Class 0.2S
kWh/kVarh net[kWh/kVarh received - kWh/kVarh delivered] IEC62053-22 Class 0.2S
kWh/kVarh sum[kWh/kVarh received + kWh/kVarh delivered] IEC62053-22 Class 0.2S
Power Quality
Harmonics Up to 63rd harmonic
Voltage/Current THD4, Current TDD5 Up to 63rd harmonic
Crest factor6,2, K factor7,2
Dip[Sag], Swell IEC61000-4-30 Class B
Unbalance[voltage, current]2 IEC61000-4-30 Class B, NEMA MG1
Vector diagram2
Harmonic graph[voltage, current]2
Demand trend2
Dip[Sag]/Swell event detection period Half cycle moving 1-cycle RMS Measuringng]
Digital input, analog input event detection period 8 1msec
Number of event logs Maximum 1,000
Adding Module[Option] Adding of modules to rear side of meter Maximum 3 modules
Temperature Atmosphere temperature inside panel9 1 sensor
Ethernet[Bridge, Modbus TCP protocol] 2 port[Ethernet1, Ethernet2]
RS485[Modbus RTU protocol] 1 port[Ta, Tb]
UL certification UL61010-1 2nd edition
CE certification EN61326-1, EN61326-2-1
AC power AC 85 ~ 265V
DC power DC 100 ~ 300V
1 Predicted demand is calculated by assuming that present power is equal to power of the time remaining in the demand interval.
2 Accura 3700 is not displayed on LCD screen of Accura 3700. It is available only on communication.
3 Accura 3700 provides statistical information such as maximum, minimum, and average of voltage, current, and power within
aggregation interval. This includes information that measurement parameters instantaneously fluctuate, which makes it possible to
precisely analyze the power quality trend of voltage, current, and power.
4 THD[Total harmonic distortion], Voltage THD:, CurrentTHD:

5 TDD[Total demand distortion]. Current TDD:
Wherecan be current rating, which is chosen only on communication between current rating[default] and peak demand current.
6 Crest factor: , 7 K factor:
8 It is available only when adding a module when adding modules having input channels.
9 It is not for firewatching, but for reference only. A temp sensor is mounted on the side of Accura 3700.
10 for communication with Energy Management Software.
11 Bridge enables network connection between two Accura 3700s without switching hubs.