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Distribution Panel Digital Power
Smart Distribution Panel Digital Power
Meter/Power Measuring Module

Accura 2500/2550
· Digital Input/Output module
  Accura 2550GW
  Accura 2550TEMP
Distribution Panel Digital Power
Meter/Power Measuring Module

Accura 2300/2350
Accura 2300S/2350
· Digital Input/Output module
  Accura 2350-DO
  Accura 2350-VDC
  Accura 2350-IDC
  Accura 2350-GAS
  Accura 2350-TEMPS
  Accura 2350-DCM
  Accura 2350-GW
Data Center Distribution Panel Digital
Power Meter/Single phase Three
Feeder Power Measuring Module

Accura 2300S/2350-1P3FSC
Stand-alone Gas module
Accura MD-GAS
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Distribution Digital Power Meter
Accura 2500/2550
Accura 2500/2550
Smart Digital Power Meter/ Power Measuring Module
Accura 2500/2550
Smart Digital Power Meter / Power Measuring Module
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Voltage/Current/Power Measurement in AC/DC Industrial Control Panels
Accurate Measurement of Leakage Current
A variety of power quality data, including Dip(Sag)/Swell, PQ Curve available
Class 0.5 Accuracy as per IEC 61557-12
Max/Min/Average Values Available in Each Aggregation Interval
Proven Safety and Reliability with CE/UL/KC Certifications
Compatible with MCCBs with Various Ratings/Compact Size
Through-Hole Type Structure for Easier and Safer Installation
Integrated HMI module with the 5” Color TFT LCD screen with touch panel
Integrated or separate installation of the Integrated module and the Integrated HMI module
Input/Output Module